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Little heads up:

My computer decided to commit suicide a few days ago and we just managed to recover my files but the harddrive needed replacement. We managed to get everything working except the wireless, which refuses to work.

Because of this, the only internet I have is my phone. If you need me, please email me at It's gonna be a lonely internetless few days, but at least I have time to finish stuff.

Keeping this public encase anyone not on my FL needs me

I've been having some sore pains in my lower

I've been having some sore pains in my lower right abdomen the past day and a half. So I went to the doctor today and I might have an inflamed appendix.

I'm going to get at CT scan in an hour or so but I'm terrified. If it is., ill need surgery. I've been crying for the last hour, I just don't know what to do

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These two? Need to be in my life, NOW

Also, Reshi Fire/Dragon? Did I totally call it? And by totally call it call the complete opposite? Yeah, I'm awesome. And dude, the yin/yang thing. Yin/Yang was my grandmothers symbol, it was engraved on her urn. I almost started crying when I read that. BEST GEN EVER!!

Route 1 bird? Not a blue jay 8'( BUTSTILLSOCUTE <333

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Keepin' this public since people not on my FL may need to read it~

Encase you're wondering what hole I dropped into, It's finals week, and being an art student that means I have like 4 projects due by Wednesday (including my English paper and Psych test tomorrow, uuuugh)

So basically, everything is on hold until after this week. After that, I'm free. I feel awful because I keep having to put shit off, but if you have any questions pm/email me. I really don't wanna feel I'm keeping anyone in the dark ;__;

At least next week it'll be over and I can get my shit back together and get all the other stuff done. I'm sorry if it seems like I'm making tons of excuses, if you reallyreally need something done this week for any reasons I'll do my best to do it, I know it's been a long time.

(also after this week god willing I can be active again, I keep seeing all this new Black/White news but have no one to talk to it about D: I miss chat)

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I am fully aware this is a bootleg

But god damn I WANT IT

I am assuming it's based on the bell plush but it's so hilariously awful, I actually like it better then the official burger king plush (the only official plush I don't have because I can't stand the fug)

Also in super happy news, I'm now employed at my local bakery, YAY MONEY

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At around 6pm EST tonight I'm gonna be doing an opening of 7 sealed retsudens from advanced 7. A super rare set that contains Misdreavus, who I'll be hoping for XD

Hopefully everyone can tune in :3 I will be selling off the extras next week

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The Feb. 2010 Pullip/Taeyang/Dal have been announced



I at least need the Dal and Pullips stocks 8| And I may just need the Dal too to go with it

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(dear friends list, please ignore this, it's homework. Also, blocked comments because my teacher doesn't need to see how weird you all are)

I apologize I don't seem to have the questions, so just the answers

1) Similarities between 1968 and 2009 include a controversial war, a highly influential African American, widespread panic and the death of a Kennedy.

2) The Apollo 1 disaster was a fire erupted in the cabin, and unable to open the door in time all three astronauts burned to death within 17 seconds.

3) The rocket was known as the N1, and was two heavy as well as the engines not being able to work together properly. It was not properly fit for human pilots.

4) The 1968 DNC erupted into violent protests in response to the Vietnam war and other social issues.